Welcome Message

I doubt you came here by accident and I bet your are worried, frustrated, and at your wit’s end with what might happen when you go through a divorce. Is divorce going to make things better or worse?

Taking the first step towards a new life without the tension, unease, and outright fighting is usually the hardest. I can help you, and I can guide you through the legal maze you are about to enter. This maze has two exits:

  1. Divorce can save your sanity and your relationship with your children. The growing popularity of Collaborative Divorce shows that many people going through divorce prefer controlling the process themselves rather than leaving very sensitive issues to a judge that knows almost nothing about them or their children. When handled well by a Collaborative Divorce Attorney that works towards your goals in a positive manner divorce is the first step in beginning your new life for you and your children.
  2. Divorce can also ruin your life. When handled poorly divorce can turn into a complete nightmare for you, your children, your loved ones, and your bank account. We’ve all heard the stories of endless fighting, turmoil, and legal bills.

One way or another you and your spouse are going through this divorce together, you can either tear each other apart or work to resolve your differences and move on with your lives. You have already pulled closer to taking the first step by learning about your options. Now is the time to find out if you are ready to take the first step towards your new life.

Are you ready?

Please look around this site to learn about the divorce process. If divorce is right for you, please contact The Shea Law Firm at (832) 592-7913 to review your situation, your goals, and your options. I take pride in handling each case myself to assure the job is done right and I represent my clients personally in Court. Clients of The Shea Law Firm work closely and directly with me, not paralegals or junior associates.