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Who Gets the Tax Exemption?

It is tax season yet again and if you have experienced a divorce in The Woodlands you may wonder if you can claim the tax exemption for your child(ren) on your income tax return after the divorce. If this vital issue is not resolved as part of your divorce case, then not only are you […]

Collaborative Divorce Testimonial #2

It is not difficult to find people that have good things to say about their decision to get divorced without destruction through the Collaborative Divorce process. Not only can it save your relationship with your kids, the flexibility of collaborative divorce may allow you to resolve the disputed issues in a custom manner that is […]

Visitation for Children 3 and Younger

The Standard Possession Order is the default schedule for visitation with children after a Woodlands divorce. There is one large category that the Standard Possession Order does not apply to. That category is children less than 3 years old. If you leave visitation up to the judge when you have a child younger than 3 […]

Child Support for High Income Parents

Child support is a critical issue in many Woodlands divorce cases. We previously discussed how the child support guidelines function in a situation where the parent paying child support has net resources below $7,500 per month. If you have more than $7,500 per month in net resources then your Woodlands Divorce Attorney must analyze additional […]

Houston Father Wins Custody Appeal

Revenge and inconvenience are not legal reasons for modifying a child custody order from a Woodlands Divorce. Your Woodlands Divorce Attorney must prove the modification is in the best interests of the child as well as the existence of a material and substantial change since the previous order was issued. Exactly what a “material and […]

Parental Rights During Visitation

At the end of your divorce case in Montgomery County you and your ex-spouse will have very specific parental rights and responsibilities spelled out in your divorce decree. Most parents end up being appointed as either a managing conservator or at least a possessory conservator of their child or children. What are your rights and […]

The Standard Possession Order Part 2

Today we will review the standard possession order as it applies when the possessory conservator resides more than 100 miles from the residence of the child. There are some significant differences from the possession order that is used if you are within 100 miles of the child’s residence so review it carefully with your Woodlands, […]

The Standard Possession Order Part 1

When will you get to see your child? When will your ex-spouse get to see your child? These are very important questions for anybody going through divorce in Montgomery County, Texas. Whenever possible, your Woodlands Divorce Attorney will work to reach an agreement that you can be satisfied with. If your divorce attorney cannot negotiate […]

Parental Rights After Divorce

A lot changes in the relationship between a parent and child after a divorce in Montgomery County is final. As parents go through divorce they usually spend a lot of time sorting out parental issues. Either through agreement or a judge’s order these issues are generally a critical element of every divorce order where children […]

Alcoholism and Child Conservatorship

The best interest of the child is the primary consideration in determining conservatorship and possession of and access to the child. Those words are repeated so often by local family court judges in Conroe and Houston that they eventually take on a legendary status. If you or your ex-spouse is behaving or used to behave […]