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Stock Option or No Option?

I’ve discussed before how stock options can be a complicated asset to deal with in a Woodlands Divorce case. They present valuation issues and even more complicated issues surrounding when and how they can be liquidated and divided. If your Woodlands Divorce attorney is not careful in the language he uses to divide the stock […]

Community Property and Goodwill in a Business

Division of community property is almost always a key issue in a Woodlands divorce case. Some assets are easier to identify and divide than others. For example, identifying and dividing the community property portion of a simple checking account or life insurance policy is normally not very difficult. Other assets can be a lot more […]

A $69,594.06 Divorce Decree Mistake

If you see the commercials for legalzoom and other document sellers you might think legal documents are simple or all the same. They may want you to think that, but remember: if there is a mistake in your Woodlands Divorce documents then you will be the one suffering the consequences and not them. Some of […]

Divorce and Out of State Spouses

Not everyone gets divorced right away. All too often the husband and wife go their separate ways and never bother to end the legal marriage relationship. It is usually never a good idea to maintain a legal relationship that could result in liability to you, but it also can create special problems when the husband […]