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VA Disability and Spousal Maintenance

Depending on the length of your marriage and other factors you may have a spousal maintenance issue in your Woodlands divorce case. How does the law calculate a person’s income for awarding spousal maintenance? In a Woodlands Divorce ┬áthe judge is only allowed to consider certain items as the basis for an award of spousal […]

Contractual Alimony and Jail

Your final decree of divorce is a binding court order. If your spouse fails to comply with his or her obligations in that court order then your Woodlands Divorce Attorney can petition the court to enforce its decree. One of the most persuasive powers a divorce court has is the power to put someone in […]

How Much Alimony for How Long?

Last time we reviewed the basic criteria for you or your ex-spouse to pursue a spousal maintenance or alimony claim in your Woodlands Divorce. If you or your spouse does meet the threshold criteria to qualify for spousal maintenance in your divorce case some important questions remain. How much alimony will you pay or receive […]