The Pro Se Docket on Nov. 2

Yesterday I was at the Montgomery County courthouse and decided to sit in on the pro se divorce and family docket of the 418th District Court. It was a wonderful reminder that even what you might consider to be a “simple” case may not be so simple when you are asking the judge to sign […]

Contractual Alimony and Jail

Your final decree of divorce is a binding court order. If your spouse fails to comply with his or her obligations in that court order then your Woodlands Divorce Attorney can petition the court to enforce its decree. One of the most persuasive powers a divorce court has is the power to put someone in […]

Collaborative Divorce Testimonial #2

It is not difficult to find people that have good things to say about their decision to get divorced without destruction through the Collaborative Divorce process. Not only can it save your relationship with your kids, the flexibility of collaborative divorce may allow you to resolve the disputed issues in a custom manner that is […]

The Woodlands Divorce Guide

Are you considering divorce and are not sure where to begin? Has your spouse already filed for divorce and you are not sure how to protect yourself? Are you wondering: How much child support is involved in your divorce? Is spousal maintenance going to be awarded in your divorce? How often will you see your […]