Child Support for High Income Parents

Child support is a critical issue in many Woodlands divorce cases. We previously discussed how the child support guidelines function in a situation where the parent paying child support has net resources below $7,500 per month. If you have more than $7,500 per month in net resources then your Woodlands Divorce Attorney must analyze additional […]

Houston Father Wins Custody Appeal

Revenge and inconvenience are not legal reasons for modifying a child custody order from a Woodlands Divorce. Your Woodlands Divorce Attorney must prove the modification is in the best interests of the child as well as the existence of a material and substantial change since the previous order was issued. Exactly what a “material and […]

How Much Alimony for How Long?

Last time we reviewed the basic criteria for you or your ex-spouse to pursue a spousal maintenance or alimony claim in your Woodlands Divorce. If you or your spouse does meet the threshold criteria to qualify for spousal maintenance in your divorce case some important questions remain. How much alimony will you pay or receive […]

Child Support and Disability Benefits

A household where one or sometimes both parents are disabled faces many challenges. Trying to make ends meet on a modest income is never easy. After a divorce in Montgomery County, Texas there may be a new monthly expense, child support. How does a parent receiving disability benefits afford child support? How does your child […]

The Collaborative Divorce Stages

A contested divorce case has many stages which you may be aware of. There can be temporary orders, discovery, court hearings, depositions, court hearings, arguing, personal attacks, and more court hearings. If you are looking for a less destructive way to move on from your marriage then Collaborative Divorce may be right for you. The […]

Parental Rights During Visitation

At the end of your divorce case in Montgomery County you and your ex-spouse will have very specific parental rights and responsibilities spelled out in your divorce decree. Most parents end up being appointed as either a managing conservator or at least a possessory conservator of their child or children. What are your rights and […]

Your Child’s Residence

Where will your child live after the divorce? During your marriage you both had a voice in determining where you and your child would live. One of the changes that accompanies every divorce in Montgomery County is that only one parent will have the exclusive right to determine the primary residence of your child after […]

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