The Standard Possession Order Part 2

Today we will review the standard possession order as it applies when the possessory conservator resides more than 100 miles from the residence of the child. There are some significant differences from the possession order that is used if you are within 100 miles of the child’s residence so review it carefully with your Woodlands, […]

The Standard Possession Order Part 1

When will you get to see your child? When will your ex-spouse get to see your child? These are very important questions for anybody going through divorce in Montgomery County, Texas. Whenever possible, your Woodlands Divorce Attorney will work to reach an agreement that you can be satisfied with. If your divorce attorney cannot negotiate […]

Parental Rights After Divorce

A lot changes in the relationship between a parent and child after a divorce in Montgomery County is final. As parents go through divorce they usually spend a lot of time sorting out parental issues. Either through agreement or a judge’s order these issues are generally a critical element of every divorce order where children […]

Child Support for a Disabled Child

A child support order in Montgomery County usually ends when the child reaches the age of 18. Families caring for a disabled child face special challenges and the law allows for child support to continue past the age of 18 in the case of a disabled child. In fact, a court can order child support […]

Spouse Loses $50,000 Home Improvement Claim

It is very common for a couple to make improvements to their home during the course of their marriage. But what happens when one spouse uses separate property they received as an inheritance to make home improvements? Through careful review of the evidence your Woodlands divorce lawyer can increase your chance of winning or defending […]