Alcoholism and Child Conservatorship

The best interest of the child is the primary consideration in determining conservatorship and possession of and access to the child. Those words are repeated so often by local family court judges in Conroe and Houston that they eventually take on a legendary status. If you or your ex-spouse is behaving or used to behave […]

What Is A SAPCR?

Frequently you will encounter the acronym SAPCR on this site and other materials concerning family law in The Woodlands or Montgomery County or Harris County. SAPCR stands for “Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship.” What kinds of lawsuits are categorized as SAPCR in the Conroe Divorce Court and Houston Divorce Court? A lawsuit is classified […]

Required Disclosure in Houston Divorce

We previously reviewed the discovery requirements for divorce cases in the Montgomery County Divorce and Family Courts. Today we will look at the required disclosures in the Harris County Divorce Courts in Houston. The Harris County Divorce Courts require that each party to a suit for divorce or annulment shall, without waiting for a discovery […]

What is Community Property?

In the last post I went through the requirements for identifying certain property as “separate property” in your divorce case for Montgomery County or Houston. Here we will review the rules for identifying community property. Community property is everything acquired during the marriage that is not properly identified as separate property. The Conroe and Houston […]

What Is Separate Property?

Texas is a Community Property state. The Montgomery County Divorce Court and the Houston Divorce Court treat separate property and community property differently when it comes to dividing property as part of a divorce proceeding. So what exactly is “separate property?” Separate property is: