Parental Rights After Divorce

A lot changes in the relationship between a parent and child after a divorce in Montgomery County is final. As parents go through divorce they usually spend a lot of time sorting out parental issues. Either through agreement or a judge’s order these issues are generally a critical element of every divorce order where children are involved. There is a very wide variety in how a final divorce order will allocate these rights and duties, but there is a starting point we can take a look at.

Texas law provides that each parent appointed as a conservator of a child has certain rights. Each parent has these rights unless they are limited by a court order. Specifically, a parent appointed as a conservator of a child has at all times the right:

(1) to receive information from any other conservator of the child concerning the health, education, and welfare of the child;

(2) to confer with the other parent to the extent possible before making a decision concerning the health, education, and welfare of the child;

(3) of access to medical, dental, psychological, and educational records of the child;

(4) to consult with a physician, dentist, or psychologist of the child;

(5) to consult with school officials concerning the child’s welfare and educational status, including school activities;

(6) to attend school activities;

(7) to be designated on the child’s records as a person to be notified in case of an emergency;

(8) to consent to medical, dental, and surgical treatment during an emergency involving an immediate danger to the health and safety of the child; and

(9) to manage the estate of the child to the extent the estate has been created by the parent or the parent’s family.

This is only the starting point. Each family is different and the allocation of parental rights that may be appropriate for one family is not appropriate for another family. Speak with a Woodlands Divorce Attorney today if you need help with parental rights in your Montgomery County divorce.

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