Parental Rights During Visitation

At the end of your divorce case in Montgomery County you and your ex-spouse will have very specific parental rights and responsibilities spelled out in your divorce decree. Most parents end up being appointed as either a managing conservator or at least a possessory conservator of their child or children. What are your rights and duties as a conservator during the time when you are the parent in possession of the child or children? What are the rights and duties of your ex-spouse when he or she has possession of your child or children?

Unless limited by court order, each parent appointed as a conservator of a child has the following rights and duties during the time that the parent has possession of the child:

  1. The duty of care, control, protection, and reasonable discipline of the child;
  2. the duty to support the child, including providing the child with clothing, food, shelter, and medical and dental care not involving an invasive procedure;
  3. the right to consent for the child to medical and dental care not involving an invasive procedure; and
  4. the right to direct the moral and religious training of the child.

You will both have these rights and duties during possession unless additional restrictions are needed and included in your court orders. Speak with a Woodlands Divorce Lawyer today if you need help protecting your parental rights during or after your divorce.

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