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Collaborative Divorce Testimonial #2

It is not difficult to find people that have good things to say about their decision to get divorced without destruction through the Collaborative Divorce process. Not only can it save your relationship with your kids, the flexibility of collaborative divorce may allow you to resolve the disputed issues in a custom manner that is […]

Don’t Take My Word For It

Curious about what a Collaborative Divorce can mean to you and your kids? Don’t take my word for it, listen to two couples who went through the Collaborative Divorce process themselves and discover how they preserved their irreplaceable relationship with their children and moved forward with their lives rather than digging endlessly through the past. […]

The Collaborative Divorce Stages

A contested divorce case has many stages which you may be aware of. There can be temporary orders, discovery, court hearings, depositions, court hearings, arguing, personal attacks, and more court hearings. If you are looking for a less destructive way to move on from your marriage then Collaborative Divorce may be right for you. The […]