Fighting Off the Downward Spiral

It happens a lot in the divorce process. Feelings of mistrust, betrayal, anxiety and more that start out small and manageable end up growing. They continue to grow as your case goes on and eventually grow out of control. This is how your Woodlands Divorce case can end up transforming from everyone sitting at a table working to resolve ongoing problems to everyone in the metaphorical boxing ring trying to knock each other’s lights out. It happens more often than you might think. The Downward Spiral.

Parents with children usually have the most to lose if they let their divorce slide down that out of control path. Property can be replaced, but restoring a child’s feelings of confidence and security with their parent can be a lot more difficult and sometimes impossible. How do you protect yourself and your children from The Downward Spiral?

Surround yourself with professionals that are focused on your future relationship with your children and helping you move on with life after divorce rather than the cliché divorce lawyer that wants to re-live every wrong thing your spouse may have done during the marriage while you pay him hundreds of dollars per hour to do so. In a litigated divorce you are working without a net and when your case is at the brink of turning into an ugly divorce your only adviser may be the one who stands to profit most from it turning ugly. In a Collaborative Divorce all of the professionals are committed to keep your case from heading down The Downward Spiral.

Part 2 of the Collaborative Divorce videos is below. In this discussion the couples mention how important the Collaborative Divorce team was to keeping their divorce from getting ugly. If they had chosen to work with a non-Collaborative divorce lawyer their case probably would have taken a very different road and they probably would not want to sit next to each other today. Which outcome do you want to see in your divorce case?

Part 2 of a discussion with 2 Collaborative Divorce Couples
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