The Collaborative Divorce Stages

A contested divorce case has many stages which you may be aware of. There can be temporary orders, discovery, court hearings, depositions, court hearings, arguing, personal attacks, and more court hearings. If you are looking for a less destructive way to move on from your marriage then Collaborative Divorce may be right for you.

The Collaborative Divorce process in The Woodlands and Montgomery County has several stages, but you might notice they are quite different from the stages of a contested divorce. The stages of a Collaborative Divorce are:

  1. Determining your goals and interests;
  2. Information gathering;
  3. Development of settlement options to achieve your goals;
  4. Evaluation of the options; and
  5. Negotiation of the settlement.
Which Process Do You Prefer?

Collaborative Divorce is a valuable alternative if you want to avoid an unpredictable court fight with your ex-spouse. Speak with a Woodlands Collaborative Divorce Attorney today and learn about your options to achieve your goals.

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