Why You Won’t Get 50% of the Community Property

Many people believe property is divided in half as a result of divorce. It certainly sounds reasonable on many levels. Equal division of property is the standard in some other states, but not in Texas. You can end up with a lot more, or a lot less, than 50% of the community property so you better understand the legal standard the judge is going to use.

It may not mean much to you right now, but if you have significant property to divide in your Woodlands Divorce case then the words “just and right” may end up haunting you if you are not prepared. “Just and Right” is the legal standard used to divide property in a Woodlands Divorce; not “equal”, “50/50” or anything like that. The magic words the judge will use to justify whatever decision he or she makes concerning property division is “just and right.” So, what does it mean?

Nobody really knows what “just and right” means. It is a moving target. The legislature put those words into the statute but never bothered to define them. Over the years countless judges have made rulings on what they interpret to be “just and right” in the case before them and that is what your Woodlands Divorce Attorney will rely on to present your case.

Be Prepared

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