The Deadline for Enforcing Tangible Property Division

Deadlines are very important in the legal field. Simply missing a deadline can destroy your case even if you should win on all of the substantive issues. One of the most important deadlines I encounter as a Woodlands Divorce Attorney is the statute of limitations to enforce a division of property contained in a divorce decree.

It happens all too often that after a divorce is finalized by the parties reaching an agreement on paper or a judge issuing an order that one party drags their feet in dividing or turning over property. What can you do? Enforce your rights before you lose them.

The Family Code provides that a lawsuit to enforce the division of tangible personal property in existence at the time of the decree of divorce or annulment must be filed before the second anniversary of the date the decree was signed or becomes final after appeal, whichever date is later, or the suit is barred.

That is it, if your lawsuit falls within this section and you file it too late you may lose your case even if your ex-spouse is in clear violation of the decree. This specific statue of limitations for enforcing divorce decrees only applies to dividing tangible personal property. There are other rules that apply to lawsuits not concerning tangible personal property. Speak with a Woodlands Divorce Lawyer today if you need help resolving an property division issue with your divorce decree.

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