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Don’t Make This Divorce Decree Mistake

At the end of your Woodlands Divorce case you will be faced with signing or asking the judge to sign a Divorce decree. Your Divorce decree is a very important document. It may contain provisions controlling when you or your ex has access to your children, who is awarded specific assets, and who is responsible […]

Are Punitive Damages Community Property?

In every Woodlands Divorce case your attorney will review the assets and debts that exist between you and your spouse. After the assets and debts are identified your Woodlands Divorce Attorney will then work with you to discover which assets may qualify as separate property and can benefit from the special protections available to separate […]

A $69,594.06 Divorce Decree Mistake

If you see the commercials for legalzoom and other document sellers you might think legal documents are simple or all the same. They may want you to think that, but remember: if there is a mistake in your Woodlands Divorce documents then you will be the one suffering the consequences and not them. Some of […]