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Spouse Loses $50,000 Home Improvement Claim

It is very common for a couple to make improvements to their home during the course of their marriage. But what happens when one spouse uses separate property they received as an inheritance to make home improvements? Through careful review of the evidence your Woodlands divorce lawyer can increase your chance of winning or defending […]

What is Community Property?

In the last post I went through the requirements for identifying certain property as “separate property” in your divorce case for Montgomery County or Houston. Here we will review the rules for identifying community property. Community property is everything acquired during the marriage that is not properly identified as separate property. The Conroe and Houston […]

What Is Separate Property?

Texas is a Community Property state. The Montgomery County Divorce Court and the Houston Divorce Court treat separate property and community property differently when it comes to dividing property as part of a divorce proceeding. So what exactly is “separate property?” Separate property is:

Division of Property

Division of the marital property is often a key issue attorneys deal with in divorce cases in The Woodlands. Each party often believes they are entitled to certain property at the conclusion of the divorce, but what does the law provide for how to divide property?