Montgomery County Standing Orders, Part 5

The District Courts and County Courts of Montgomery County have automatic orders that go into effect for every divorce suit and every suit affecting the parent-child relationship filed in Montgomery County. These automatic orders are court orders and if either party violates one or more of the automatic orders they risk being found in contempt of court.

The fifth automatic order of the Montgomery County Courts is “Personal and Business Records.” Both parties to the marriage are ordered to refrain from doing the following acts:

  1. Concealing, destroying, disposing of, or altering any family records, property records, financial records, business records or any records of income, debts or other other obligations.
  2. Falsifying any writing or record relating to the property of either party.

As used in this court order, “records” means any tangible document or recording and includes e-mail or other digital or electronic data, whether stored on a computer hard drive, diskette, or other electronic storage device.

If your spouse is tampering with or destroying records your Conroe Divorce Lawyer can help you enforce the court orders in your case. We will continue reviewing the automatic orders in the next post.

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