Required Disclosure in Houston Divorce

We previously reviewed the discovery requirements for divorce cases in the Montgomery County Divorce and Family Courts. Today we will look at the required disclosures in the Harris County Divorce Courts in Houston.

The Harris County Divorce Courts require that each party to a suit for divorce or annulment shall, without waiting for a discovery request, provide to the other party the following information about property in which the party claims an interest:

  1. all documents pertaining to real estate;
  2. all documents pertaining to any pension, retirement, profit-sharing, or other employee benefit plan, together with the most recent account statement for any plan;
  3. all documents pertaining to any life, casualty, liability, and health insurance;
  4. the most recent account statement pertaining to any account located with any financial institution including, but not  limited to, banks, savings & loans, credit unions, and brokerage firms.

In addition to the items above, if your Houston Divorce involves child support or spousal support the following items must also be disclosed:

  1. all policies, statements, and description of benefits which reflect any and all medical and health insurance coverage that is or would be available for the child or the spouse;
  2. Unless the information has previously been exchanged in connection with a temporary hearing, a Financial Information Statement for the party, together with that party’s previous two years income tax returns and two most recent payroll check stubs.
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