Required Disclosure in Montgomery County Divorce

Each divorce and family law court in Montgomery County and Harris County have their own rules concerning which items must be disclosed without objection by each party to a divorce or custody lawsuit. This means that you can obtain this information from your soon to be ex-spouse and your future ex-spouse can obtain this information from you. If a proper request is made for any of these items and the person refuses to produce the information the Conroe Divorce Court can hold that person in contempt of court.

Here are the items that each party must disclose to the other party without objection upon a written request in a divorce filed in Montgomery County:

  1. Parties or individual income tax returns for two years preceding the year of the request.
  2. Copies of all insurance polices, including home, auto, life and medical.
  3. Copies of all promissory notes, deeds of trust and deeds evidencing ownership of real estate, including contract for deeds and time sharing contracts.
  4. Copies of all stocks, mutual fund participation and investment portfolios held by the parties, in the name of the parties, or for the benefit of the parties.
  5. Copies of all documents concerning employee benefits, retirement benefits and pension funds.
  6. The preceding six (6) months statements for all credit card accounts in the name of the parties, or either party.
  7. Wage statements or statement showing year to date earnings of the party.
    If you are running into problems obtaining information from your future ex-spouse, speak with a Conroe Divorce Attorney today. Next time we will review the required disclosures for a divorce case filed in the Houston Divorce Court of Harris County.

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