When You Have Been Served With A Divorce Citation

Sometimes both spouses agree to a divorce. Other times one spouse decides to move forward with the divorce on their own. When this happens, the spouse that did not file the petition for divorce is served with a divorce citation. Once you have been served with a divorce citation you have been informed of the divorce lawsuit and the clock starts to run. You must file an Answer with the Montgomery County Divorce Court or the Houston Divorce Court before the Monday following twenty days after you were served or you can be on the wrong end of a default judgment.

What can you do?

You can do nothing. If you choose that path, then your spouse’s attorney can and probably will file for a default judgment against you as soon as possible. When you do nothing, the divorce court judge will enter a judgment concerning custody, child support, and division of property without ever hearing your side. It is very likely that your spouse will receive everything they ask for if you allow a default judgment to be entered against you.

Rather than do nothing, many people choose to hire a divorce attorney. Your Montgomery County Divorce Attorney can make sure your Answer is filed properly and on time. In addition to handling the Answer to the divorce complaint, your divorce attorney can protect your rights through the temporary orders and the discovery process to make sure you receive everything you are entitled to.

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