Avoid Financial Devastation
Have a Relationship with Your Kids
Preserve Your Sanity

A Typical Litigated Divorce

Wears You Down

For 12 months or more you will not know what assets you will have, what debts you will have, your retirement funds, and many other facts. How many sleepless nights do you want to endure before getting on with your life? 

Costs You a Fortune
Litigated divorce means going to court for every little thing. That adds up. That gets expensive. The stories of people selling their house to pay litigation fees are true, I've seen it.
Destroys Relationships

If you think your child doesn't see and hear what happens during your case you're probably wrong. Both of you still need to be parents, even after the divorce. That can be pretty tough after all of you have seen each other at your absolute worst.

Does Your Divorce Have To Cost a Fortune?

  • The average cost of a litigated divorce is $15,000 - $30,000. Lawyers get the most of it.
  • An average case length of 12+ months dictates those high costs.
  • You have alternatives to a litigated divorce.
  • Your divorce does not have to cost a fortune or take more than 12 months.

Alternatives to Divorce Litigation‚Äč

Uncontested Divorce

  • Both of you already agree on how to divide property and debts.
  • No dispute resolution or negotiation is required.
  • Can be finalized in 61 days.

Collaborative Divorce

  • You don't want a judge to interfere with your life.
  • One or more issues need to be resolved.
  • Saves you all the costs of litigation and discovery.

You Still Need To Be a Parent After Divorce

  • Tearing each other apart in court for a year takes a toll on parenting.
  • Tearing each other apart in court exposes your child to prolonged conflict.
  • Both of you will still need to make decisions for your children until they are 18.

I Get You Through Divorce
With Your Sanity In Tact

  • I get you bottom line solutions that achieve your goals.
  • My comprehensive approach reduces the risk of unresolved issues popping up down the road.
  • In many cases, I can keep your court attendance down to one final hearing.

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