An End to the 60 Day Waiting Period?

Families that have gone through divorce in The Woodlands are familiar with the 60 day waiting period. If this is the first time you are hearing about it, let’s review how it works. Once a spouse files for divorce in The Woodlands or anywhere in Texas, there is a mandatory 60 day waiting period. The Court will not issue a divorce decree any earlier than the 61st day after The Woodlands Divorce Lawyer filed the petition for divorce. This procedure may be changing.

The Texas House of Representatives is considering a waiver of the mandatory 60 day waiting period before a court can issue a divorce decree. The key criteria for obtaining a divorce decree under this proposed law would be your Woodlands Divorce Lawyer provides the Court with sufficient evidence that family violence makes an early divorce order necessary.

At this stage the proposal to waive the 60 day waiting period for divorce cases in The Woodlands is only a proposal. It has not been signed into law yet. If you are filing for divorce now you must still wait at least 60 days before the Court may issue its divorce decree.